RPT training

At our April meeting, Jim Busby and Keith Kopp presented a session describing requirements for the RPT exams. A schedule of training classes was announced. the 2021 schedule is here: http://www.slcptg.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Tech-Tutoring-Schedule-2021.pdf As a guide to exam preparation a checklist of skills and tools is here: http://www.slcptg.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Checklist-for-RPT-preparation.pdf

Presentation Materials for July 2020 Meeting

David Stocker, our Pacific Northwest Regional Vice President, presented “Script Your Business”. In David’s presentation, he described how to create memorized and natural scripts for communication with customers. These scripts allow you to communicate naturally and effectively with customers on their level, allowing them to make informed decisions about the care of their piano. David … Continue reading “Presentation Materials for July 2020 Meeting”

Presentation Materials for April 2020 Meeting

The Powerpoint presented by Ken Eschete on Voicing with B-72 has been added to our Documents Collection. Duane McGuire referenced “Piano Parts and their Functions”, a book that he recommends for every piano technician. It is available at the PTG store: ¬†https://portal.ptg.org/store/piano-parts-their-functions/88/.