Presentation Materials for July 2020 Meeting

David Stocker, our Pacific Northwest Regional Vice President, presented “Script Your Business”. In David’s presentation, he described how to create memorized and natural scripts for communication with customers. These scripts allow you to communicate naturally and effectively with customers on their level, allowing them to make informed decisions about the care of their piano. David … Continue reading “Presentation Materials for July 2020 Meeting”

Presentation Materials for April 2020 Meeting

The Powerpoint presented by Ken Eschete on Voicing with B-72 has been added to our Documents Collection. Duane McGuire referenced “Piano Parts and their Functions”, a book that he recommends for every piano technician. It is available at the PTG store: ¬†

Virus Health Notes From Evan Grady

Prepared by Evan Grady M.M.Piano Performance, BYU Corona Virus tips to stay healthy and to keep your business alive: Wash hands before appointment After appointment Before you eat or prepare food After using the restroom Keep 6 ft. distance I asked someone where they have been and if anyone they have been around has been … Continue reading “Virus Health Notes From Evan Grady”

Presentation Materials for March 2020 Meeting

Duncan Peterson presented “Best Practices for Business in 2020” and described how he uses Gazelle for managing his business. Though not a “sales pitch” for Gazelle, it was pretty effective anyway. Click or more info on Gazelle systems. Duane McGuire described his recent experience repairing of an upright pinblock that had separated from the back … Continue reading “Presentation Materials for March 2020 Meeting”

Presentation Materials: February 20 2020 meeting

For our main technical, Jim Busby and Kelsie Everson presented “Friction Control: 5 easy things you can do to make your customers love you“. The handout from the presentation is available here. Evan Grady presented a mini-technical with observations on string splicing. Duane McGuire presented a tool tip on screw starters. This is the collection … Continue reading “Presentation Materials: February 20 2020 meeting”

Welcome McKinly Lopp, new member

Welcome to our new member, McKinly Lopp. This is the brief bio that McKinly provided for our member directory: I started playing piano when I was 12 years old and my only regret is not starting earlier! I love to sit down and make up music on the spot. I received a Bachelor of Science … Continue reading “Welcome McKinly Lopp, new member”

Keytop Replacement and Safe-T-Planer

At our January 23, 2020 meeting, Kim Thomas presented a tool tip on the Wagner Safe-T-Planer. For those with a particular interest, here are some additional resources on that tool and keytop replacement in general. Stewart-McDonald, tool supplier for guitar builders, currently offers the Safe-T-Planer on their website: here Included in the StewMac description is … Continue reading “Keytop Replacement and Safe-T-Planer”

Just how great is the Salt Lake City Chapter?

This morning I gave a piano lesson to an eight-year-old with a rather short attention span. While I was writing some notes, he started into his one-handed rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” which gloriously ends with “Shave and a haircut, six-bits”. Since his attention to notes on the page was pretty much shot, … Continue reading “Just how great is the Salt Lake City Chapter?”

Action Ratios and Dynamic Touch – October 2019 Presentation

Our featured technical presentation on October 17, 2019 was “Action Ratios and Dynamic Touch”. There was something for everyone in the presentation, from defining and measuring of action ratio to stress-free, accurate adjustment of wippen assist springs. Thank you Rick Baldassin and Carl Teel for your excellent instruction. Carl and Rick defined the Prime Objective … Continue reading “Action Ratios and Dynamic Touch – October 2019 Presentation”