Donald Findlay

Donald Findlay, RPT

Brigham City, UT
[email protected]

Don Findlay developed an interest in working on pianos as a youth, while watching his own piano being tuned and while taking piano lessons. Several piano technicians came to tune the old Kimball Upright in the family living room over the years. He first obtained tools to tune as a teenager in the mid-60’s from the old Beesley Music Co. in Salt Lake City. He studied tuning with a number of respected piano technicians through affiliation with the Piano Technician’s Guild and those he met in his career as a public school orchestra teacher.

Among those from whom he gained much knowledge and skill include many in the Salt Lake and other chapters of PTG. Over 30 years of tuning, chapter meetings, private consultation with local technicians, and conferences and conventions have provided additional training. He tuned for a number of years in local church buildings in West Jordan. He started his business in 1979, became a member of PTG in 1990, successfully challenged the RPT (Registered Piano Technician) Exams in 1995 to become an RPT. He retired from teaching school in 2014 and still enjoys the challenge of tuning, repair, and regulation. His association with clients and other skilled professionals is another benefit of his work in the piano business.
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